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    Theatre In The Park announces auditions for Southern Baptist Sissies on Tuesday August 2nd from 7pm to 9pm.


    Due to popular demand, Theatre In The Park has announced a second night of auditions for Southern Baptist Sissies by Del Shores.

    Auditions will take place at Theatre In The Park 107 Pullen Road Raleigh, NC 27607 on Tuesday August 16th from 7pm to 9pm.

    Please prepare a short comedic monologue. There are parts available for 7 Men and 2 Women:

    • MARK LEE FULLER-20’s, the sissy who thinks too much and dreams of a perfect world.
    • TJ. BROOKS-20’s, the masculine sissy, who believes and clings tightly to God’s Holy Word.
    • ANDREW THOMAS FORD-20’s, the conflicted sissy who can’t pray away the feelings.
    • BENNY/IONA TRAYLOR-20’s, the effeminate sissy who has escaped in a world of drag.
    • MOTHERS-Mark’s is sweet and saccharine; Benny’s is beyond trailer trash; Andrew’s is older, worried and kind. All three mothers are played by the same actress. PREACHER-40-60. He preaches what he believes-hell, fire and brimstone.
    • RESTON “PEANUT” LEROY-the 55-year-old tragically funny alcoholic queen.
    • BROTHER CHAFFEY/HOUSTON-Brother Chaffey is the latent church pianist, Houston the gay bar pianist. Both are the same actor/musician.
    • ODETTE ANNETTE BARNET-40’s-50’s, a loudmouth bar fly who has a sad secret. STRIPPER-The club go-go boy who has a ripped, beautiful body. (Author’s suggestion is to double cast with the actor who plays T.1.)

    Production dates are September 22nd-25th. Please call 919-831-6936 to reserve an audition time. All auditions are by appointment only. Perusal scripts are available at the TIP office and require a $10 deposit.


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