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Review: “Jesse R. Gephart Channels David Sedaris’ Snark, Wit, and Scathing Humor in The SantaLand…

    “...Gephart as the snarky Sedaris is a delight. At the start of the show, he did what I have only dreamed of doing: stopped the show and heckled multiple late-arrivers to the show. He held up his newspaper, and said “Oh no, I’ll wait” and waited until they were completely seated.

    Throughout the show Jesse Gephart’s physical comedy and great comedic timing make you feel like you were in the room with David Sedaris himself. In addition, the constant heckling of audience members makes this show an engaging and fun experience, especially if you want a not-so-wholesome holiday show. There are even some surprisingly vulnerable moments, even with the sarcasm and jabs that make this show more than a roast of Christmas. Gephart’s performance is a celebration of both the mean humor and touching vulnerability Sedaris is so famous for.”

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