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Hair Cast & Creative Team

    Creative Team

    Director: Ira David Wood III
    Stagemanager: Daniel Murphy
    Musical Director: Diane Petteway
    Choreographer: Freddie-Lee Heath
    Technical Director: Thomas Mauney
    Costumer: Elaine Brown

    The following people have been cast in Theatre In The Park’s production of Hair. Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

    • Dave Adams
    • Jarrett Bennett
    • Kathleen Black
    • Brenton Blakesley
    • Casey Cleland
    • Emily Compton
    • Edward Freeman
    • Christopher Helton
    • Jessica Hoffmann
    • Billy Hoffman
    • Lydia Kinton
    • Amanda Longo
    • Chris Maxwell
    • Destiny McNeil
    • Megan Montgomery
    • Calvin Noble
    • Jackie O’Shaughnessy
    • Thomas Porter
    • Claire Renfrow
    • Heather Shinpaugh
    • Juanita Velazquez
    • Matt Verner
    • Ira David Wood IV
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