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Auditions for Playing With Fire (After Frankenstein)

    Theatre In The Park announces auditions for Playing With Fire (After Frankenstein) By Barbara Field.

    Auditions will be held at Theatre In The Park on June 20th beginning at 7:00 PM.


    Frankenstein – near the end of his life, having finally tracked his Creature to the North Pole
    Victor – a youthful Frankenstein intruding into the very secrets of life with his experiments
    Elizabeth – Frankenstein’s cousin and young bride, who falls victim to the Creature’s vengeance
    Professor Krempe – Frankenstein’s university mentor
    Adam – the creature at the beginning, as Victors gives him life
    The Creature – the pathetic, lonely and even sensitive being Frankenstein finds in the frozen tundra asking, “Why did you make me?”

    Please prepare a 1 minute dramatic monologue. Auditions are by appointment only. Please call 919.831.6936 to reserve your appointment time.

    This production will be directed by Ira David Wood III.

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