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ACC Cast List 2017

    As always, casting A CHRISTMAS CAROL is an extremely difficult task, and this year it was harder than ever.

    If you weren’t cast this year, it doesn’t mean you weren’t good; it means there simply wasn’t room in the cast for everyone we wanted.

    If you are a former cast member who didn’t make it this year, please know that we love you, will miss you and hope that you’ll be able to rejoin us next year.

    Please email Brent Simpson at to accept. No phone calls will be accepted.

    If you are new to the show or if you are 17 years old or younger you must call the TIP Business Office to schedule a costume measurement and fitting.

    Our deepest thanks to everyone who auditioned!

    Here is this year’s cast list for A CHRISTMAS CAROL 2017:
    Addison Sherlin
    Adrienne Pender
    Amelia Edmonston
    Anne Talkington
    Annie Ham
    Anyah Bond
    Averi Zimmerman
    Avery Mikel Allen
    Bob Harris
    Brent Simpson
    Brooke Miller
    Bruce Ham
    Bryan Bunch
    Camille Tew
    Carol Moore
    Caroline Glenn
    Casey Cleland
    Chris Inhulsen
    Chris Maxwell
    Chris Milner
    David Bankert
    David Henderson
    David Moore
    David Wood
    Debbie Laney
    Dempsey Bond
    Donna Ariosa
    Dyson Beck
    Eleanor Betts
    Emily Gardenhire
    Emma Goodwin
    Eva Langlois
    Finn Miller
    Frank Theriault
    Gary Gardenhire
    Gene Troutman
    Graham Gutekunst
    Haley Evans
    Hannah Allen
    Heather Shinpaugh
    Heidi Johnston
    Holly Harris
    Ira Wood
    Izzy Zevin
    Jack Dowless
    James Miller
    Janis Coville
    Jerry Brown
    Jett Taylor
    John Shearer
    Jonathan Rand
    JR Richardson
    Juanita Velasquez
    Julia Painter
    Katie Martin
    Kinsey Ferraguto
    Lamont Wade
    Laura Marshburn
    Lilly Beth Glenn
    Logan Powers
    Louise Painter
    Lucy Ham
    Mackenna Wathen
    Maddigan Avery Allen
    Margaret Ivy Johnston
    Nick Tew
    Noah Zevin
    Parker Rand
    Patty Gardenhire
    Piper Miller
    Ricky Blalock
    Sallie Permar
    Sam Ferraguto
    Sean Allen
    Sutton Smith
    Sydney Carroll
    Taylor Mills
    Whitley Lynn

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